8 to 10 years


This class is meant for students ages 8 to 10 years.
General instructions:
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Each class is from Monday to Friday for one hour daily.
A materials and shipping fee of $25 is included in each registration.
If your class is full, an alternate time slot will be offered.
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Unleash your creativity with 3D printing. Learn design, engineering, and technical software skills in our live online classes. Control 3D printers through your web browser and watch them print your models in real-time.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing or additive manufacturing is the making of three-dimensional solid objects from a digital code. This is achieved using a process where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. 3D printing enables you to produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods.

Why is 3D printing important?

It is one of the key future technologies. As the 3D printing industry grows, the landscape will change for job seekers, so it’s critical for today’s students to become fluent with the programs and machines required for 3D printing preparing them for 21st-century careers.


This is the first step in the student’s 3D printing journey. In this 5-day class each student will:

Design 2 objects using online computer-aided design software TinkerCAD.

Assign settings to a 3D printer online.

Control a 3D printer remotely to print their object.

Each live class has limited students, so everyone receives individual attention from our qualified product design instructors. Students will not just learn about software but also the basics of product design from idea to manufacturing.


The 3D prints are sent by mail within 2 business days after the last class ends.

A release will need to be completed for each student before class starts. 

An email with the Zoom link will be sent to the registered email address 8 to 12 hours before class start time.

Prerequisites for class

The student should be able to operate a computer and navigate the internet independently.

Please provide a computer that can connect to the internet and has audio-video capabilities.

All software will be accessed online so ensure that the latest version of a web browser like Chrome (recommended) is installed on the computer. Other browsers may experience problems.

We will use Zoom to conduct the lessons. Please check your computer’s compatibility on https://zoom.us/

A computer with Windows or Apple operating systems is preferred.

If using a Chromebook, you may need to provide additional support during class. For example, if links are not clickable in Zoom chat when using a ChromeBook you may need to help the student cut and paste that link into a web browser.

Please sign in to your Zoom session at least 5 minutes before class starts. You will be in a waiting room and your instructor will let you in when the class starts.

We aim to start each class on time so please be punctual.

Touch screen tablets or phones cannot be used for this class.

A wired or wireless mouse is essential.


Typical class schedule (subject to change based on student cohort)

In lesson 1 the student will explore basic 3D printing concepts and practice making their first design which they will print remotely.

In lesson 2 the student will build on their initial experience and make a complex shape.

In lesson 3 the student will print remotely by setting up a 3D printer.

In lesson 4 the student will design their second object.

In lesson 5 the student will print their second object.

Additional information

Time Slots

03:30 PM Pacific Time