Single Print 2


Printing for a product with Level 1 constraints:

  • Includes shipping.
  • Maximum thickness or height – 10 mm
  • Maximum length of 100 mm
  • Maximum width of 100 mm
  • Maximum print time of 60 minutes.
  • File name contains – first and last name + product title

You will need to place your design in our printer queue using your Polar3D account to process this order.

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General guidelines and constraints:

  • This order follows the guidelines that students who complete our Level 2 class are familiar with.
  • Your order will be printed in 1.75 mm white PLA filament.
  • No post-printing finish like sanding or painting is included in this order.
  • Your print will be processed as-is. We will not make any modifications or changes to your STL file.
  • If there are multiple files with the same name in our printer queue, the latest file will be printed unless you have ordered multiple prints.
  • By placing your file in our printing queue in Polar3D you are agreeing to the general constraints described here and other common-sense constraints discussed in your Level 2 class.